Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Frosty or Cold? Damn cold

Today was a tad bit chilly. I am in Colorado and ran the Coyote Ridge trail with Scott Jaime. This is his home course and its a great one. We bundled up, left the house and the -5 degree temps were chilling to the bone. The loop we did was about 11 miles. I mixed in some 4/1 running meaning 4 easy minutes and pushed for 1. I did this for about 50 minutes. Combined with the cold- the 4+ inches of snow on the trail made it slow and go for me. I think Scott went as slow as he could without walking in order for me to keep up. I got a very solid workout in and now look forward to running the loop when it is warm and dry.

Did close to 11 miles- well maybe 10.5 in about 1:55.

Great run with a great friend.

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