Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Moon light run

Got a text about 5 pm from Jim letting me know he was running at 6 pm. I was supposed to get an hour easy run in tonight and dreading a treadmill run. Looking up on my way home I noticed a full moon. Oh ya! I busted home got my gear and took off to meet him.
Tonight was a pretty cool run. I used my new Pearl Izumi Fuel XC trail shoes- all I can say is HELL YA! Those babies are for real. Right out of the box. Jim, myself and Tom (from Mississippi) took the BST north. On the way out we had headlamps glowing and held a nice sturdy pace. On the way back- no headlamps- the moon lit our way. This may have been the best I felt in over 3 months. Went about 6.5 miles is all but a combination on my new favorite shoe, great people to share the trail with, the weather (clear and fairly warm) and running at night by moon light in the mountains was unmatched.
I am staying good to form on my training program and feeling great!

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