Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 is here- ready or not.

This will be the first post for 2011. It will also serve as the  post I will come back to read at the end of 2011. Why? Well, let's call it a post that will hold me to my goals. Every year I jot down some things I want to do for the year- not resolutions just a nice 12 month "To Do List".
2010 was definitely not what I hoped but that all falls on my shoulders. So the 2011 "To Do List" here will consist of running goals. I like to keep these to myself so everyone doesn't know if I succeeded of failed. After careful thinking I am going to announce to the world- or to the 2 or 3 people that read this my plans and goals.
2010 never lived up to my expectations for so many reasons but at the end of the day I could have done more. 2011 will be aggressive and to be honest makes me a little nervous. I truly believe I can get things done but it will not be easy. Maybe that's why I want to do it. Who likes easy? Let's use 2011 as a year to test limits. We are all so much more capable of what we do but many of us are afraid to come up short or fail. Count me as part of that group. Failure is the real "F" word to me. 2010 gave me the "F" word in the way of the SwanCrest 100. These 2 days in July have truly haunted me with my running. It was an amazing experience and a real must do event. The people are fantastic and the scenery is something I cannot give justice in words. Never the less I "F"ailed at what I set out to do.
2011 is going to be EPIC  or insert a word less used over the past year.
I am looking forward to the challenge and must admit I am actually pretty exited. I have been training very minimal over the past month and have been going to PT to ensure I get off on the right feet.
So 2011 is here and here are my goals. Maybe lofty but what the hell.......
  • Moab Red Hot 50k- run in less than 6:30 (this may be the toughest for me being a month away)
  • Buffalo Run 50 mile- run a sub 10:30
  • Complete the Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim
  • Squaw Peak 50- sub 11:30
  • Get into Wasatch and go sub 28- I control only the time- getting in is another story (if I don't get in I will change it but do a different 100 miler)
  • Finish the year with over 2000 miles
  • Be down 20 pounds
Alright- these are not maybe lofty goals for most people but they sure are for me.

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