Monday, January 10, 2011

Island Training Run

On top of Elephant Head

I was able to get out onto the Island today for a training run. The plan was the 25k course but due to some post holing we cut it short and just did 12 miles. We did run up the Elephant Head which was pretty cool. I got to see owls, coyotes, antelope an buffalo. There was a good 15 people out for the run- some familiar faces and some new ones. The best news of the day was that my abs only had minor discomfort. I was expecting worse but they held out pretty well which is good news seeing it is about a month until Moab. I really tried to push the last 4-5 miles and felt pretty good maintaining a solid pace.
This year I am really going to try and document my running with pictures and video. Here are just a few below.
A few of the runners on top of Elephant head

My ugly mug at Elephant Head


BJ said...

Looks coooooold. How was the trail? Packed at all?

Manners said...

Some parts were packed pretty good- like out to Elephant Head and back from there wasn't bad but there were a few tough spots.