Monday, January 9, 2012

1st Week of January- 1st through the 8th

Start of the January 1st run- Aric and Jon lovin Forrest!

Sunday January 1st-  Had a great run- "12 for 12". Had 12 great people meet to run 12 miles to welcome in the New Year. Started at 22nd St TH and ran south to Bues and back. Miles- 12
Monday January 2nd- Met at Rainbow Gardens and we headed North along the BST- shin splints were acting pretty upset but ran hard. Miles- 8
Tuesday January 3rd- Took day off to rest shins.  Miles 0
Wednesday January 4th- Shins still pretty beat, went in to Sean Wayne for some A.R.T. and ASTYM treatment. Miles- 0
Thursday January 5th- Met at Rainbow Gardens and headed North. Great turn out. Back was stiff for the first 3 miles. Rolled my ankle REALLY good on the way back back to car. Hobbled in from there. Miles- 8
Friday January 6th- Day off to care for ankle and shins...not fun. Miles - 0
Saturday January 7th- SNOW! Met at 22nd St TH with a plan to do 18 miles. Started South then came back and headed North. At the turnaround- Breein, Shawn. and myself saw a black bear perched up high on the mountain. Probably the same one that has been spotted for the last year. Pretty cool. Miles -19
Sunday January 8th- Legs were a little tired so I stayed in and did ab and leg workout.
Weekly Miles- 47
Overall it was a decent week. Struggling a bit with sore shins and tight back. Not how I wanted to start the year. Trying to be smart so the shin issue will go away but I really need to keep the mileage up. Big races on tap. Great runs on Sundays to book end the week. Low mileage during the week.
Snow Patrol- Jon, Shawn, Breein and Forrest (photo by ME)

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Anonymous said...

Wow Aric - that is a loaded schedule (to the right... in pink) for 2012. Way to plan the running year. I hope I can get out there and practice capturing the journey(s). Thanks for the post. I like the weekly stats idea.