Monday, January 16, 2012

January 9-15th/ Training

Another pretty decent week of training.

Monday 9th – Strength training- core and legs. Miles 0

Tuesday 10th- Got in the usual 8 mile run on the BST north of Rainbow. Solid run, no tight back, no shin issues. Ran hard and felt strong. Miles- 8

Wednesday 11th- Kettle Bell and abs work. Miles 0

Thursday 12th- Met at Rainbow Gardens with the plan to go north. This was my best run on the section that I can remember. Felt strong throughout and tried to push the pace most of the time. Shins and back felt great. Miles 8

Friday 13th- Rest day. Actually went to a Murder Mystery.

Saturday 14th- Met 12 others at 22nd St TH and planned on doing 20 miles. Headed south over towards Bues then came back to 22nd to refuel. Picked up 3 more people and headed North as the sun came out. Today I incorporated my hydration and nutrition I will use for racing to make sure I am getting it dialed in. It worked well for Wasatch so for long runs I will do it to be ready for races. Once we arrived back to the parking lot after the 20 miles we had a little party. Great run felt pretty solid. Glad I get the opportunity to run with such amazing people! Miles 20.

Sunday 14th- A little recovery run today. Got in 6 and felt okay. Legs were a little tired from yesterdays 20 but for mid January I felt great. Miles 6.

Weekly Miles- 42

Pretty good week overall. Tried to push the pace a bit and hammer the hills when I could. For mid-January I feel a lot further along than any other year. The goal now is to keep it up. I will probably keep my mileage around the 40-45 mile mark for a few more weeks and then get in a bigger week or 2 before Moab. I have the Kahtoola Snowshoe 25k on January 28th but haven’t been on snow shoes yet.

Saturday I also registered for the San Juan Solstice 50 in June. I will get the pleasure of toeing the line with some friends from Colorado and my training pals- Breein, Shawn, Bj and Jon.

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