Monday, February 6, 2012

Training week Jan. 30th- Feb 5th

Whew- 2 weeks off make things rough. Started 2012 feeling good and being consistent while slowly building an early base then BOOM! - Sickness sets in. I had to take 2 weeks off and that made me a bit grumpy but good news is that I am back running and had a solid week.

Monday 30th- Did some core strength training. Miles 0

Tuesday 31st- First run in 2 weeks and boy I could tell. Legs felt blah and all the stuff in my head and chest made it tough to breathe. Last day of January and wanted at least 150 but only ended with 100- which is good for me. Miles 7.5

Wednesday 1st- Hot the kettle bells for strength workout. Miles 0

Thursday 2nd- My daughter Sami turned 15 today- Yikes! Still managed a run. Felt really good for the most part. Miles 11.

Friday 3rd- Off- Family night. Miles 0

Saturday 4th- Today I made it out to Antelope Island for the Buffalo Training run. Plan was to do 15-18 for me so I didn’t do too much too fast after being off for 2 weeks. Legs felt good and the weather was incredible. Ran out to the ranch (almost got there) didn’t want to do too many and headed back. Fell in behind Bj and he made me pay for running with him. Pushed it back to the car and managed to see 4 coyotes and some trophy deer. Great, great run with many fantastic people. Wasatch 100 draw was today and I got in! 3 for 3-!!!! Miles 21.5

Sunday 5th- Superbowl Sunday so I took off and cooked chicken wings ALL DAY! Miles 0

Got in more miles this week that I wanted to but the body felt pretty good. Legs were a bit sore after Saturday but shin and back felt great. Got into Wasatch and Moab is only 2 weeks away. Finished January with 100 miles. 50 short of my goal but after 2 weeks off, I will take it. Goal for February is 170.

Weekly Miles- 40


Danni said...

Congrats on getting into Wasatch again! I think we have room in Lake City btw.

Jon Allen said...

Have fun in September!

Manners said...

Hey Danni- Brad shot me an email. We may try and stay there too. Should be a great time!

Manners said...

Thanks Jon. Good Luck his season. Let me know if you ever hit Utah