Monday, February 13, 2012

Training Week Feb. 6th-12th

Monday 6th- Did some core strength training. Miles 0

Tuesday 7th- Just me and Bj out on the trails and stretched it just a bit. Miles 9

Wednesday 8th- Hot the kettle bells for strength workout. Miles 0
Thursday 9th- Got out for a solid 12 miles on the BST. Great conditions and felt pretty strong throughout. Miles 12.

Friday 10th- Off- Family night. Miles 0

Saturday 11th- Argh- Got talked into running around Willard Bay today. Well, it didn’t take much talking but chances are I will not be doing this one again. For 18.25 miles there was a whopping 27’ of vertical! So basically ran around on a gravel dike. Saw 4 bald eagles, ducks, swans and one curious skunk. Miles 18.25

Sunday 12th- It was my 8 year wedding Anniversary so today was about no running. Miles 0

Still got around the 40 mile mark. The goal heading forward is to increase the mileage just a bit for a few weeks. Next week is Moab Red Hot 55k. I am better prepared this year but still not sure how I am going to race it. May try and go hard till I burn out or just might take it easy. Most likely I will run how I want to run most races and go to how I feel. Either way, I am looking forward to hitting the red rock in Moab but really hoping the weather is better this year.

Weekly Miles- 39.25

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