Sunday, December 23, 2007

Days Like today....

Man, days like today bring me down and make me realize that this ultra-running deal may not be for me. I did treadmill work again for 5 miles but I struggled with a tight left shin and my lower back starting to tighten as well. I watched the Bear 100 DVD and threw on my iPod. At times throughout the run it felt nice but overall...I HAVE ALOT OF WORK TO DO. I am trying to drop some weight but that is never easy with me. I just know if I can lose my gut, my body would feel great and I have this crazy idea of how it would feel to run a sweet single track in some aspens about 30 pounds lighter. I guess those dreams motivate you but when you see how far off they are it also can be discouraging. Good news...Christmas is 2 days away. Bad news...Moab Red Hot is less than 2 months away. Oh well, its a training run....RIGHT?

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