Monday, December 31, 2007

Thought of the week: PRIDE

PRIDE, the word itself can give you goosebumps. While running on the treadmill and flipping through the channels, I came across several movies and events and one common theme that I noticed was PRIDE. It started with the show Invincible and kept it going in Cool Runnings, A Knights Tale, NFL football, EPL soccer, Remember the Titans and The Replacements. I glanced around my room and saw photos of my father, trophies from soccer and various other sports, many photos of experiences with friends and by myself. I noticed that my pace was strongly effected as I began to run just a little faster.
PRIDE can mean something different to everyone. It could mean: the birth of a new child, a childs first words or first steps, the sight of seeing a loved one succeed, a job well done and even personal commitment to excellence. It drives so many people but yet it is something you cannot buy or obtain out of need. It is something from within that at times you cannot explain. It is something that when think you are finished or about to give up- it demands you go farther. I have been truly blessed by not only having felt PRIDE but seen it in action.
I have challenged a few people to describe PRIDE and I got different answers from everyone. What does PRIDE mean to you?
After alot of thought, I am not sure of anything that can be more powerful!

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