Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Well its 2008 and I have the meatball blues. Last night I made a bunch of meatballs for the guests we had coming over for New Years and boy did they hit hard. I started the new year off on the treadmill. Stayed on my feet for 63 minutes and covered just over 6 miles. I am hoping to get a decent base of around 5-7 miles per day for the week before I ramp up a bit. My first race is in Moab and I will run the 33k- roughly 21 miles. Not looking to blaze the trail but it will be nice to get outside in some unfamiliar country. Today was a big day in registering for races. I registered for another race in Moab in November and also the Speedgoat 50k. I am really looking forward to the race year. I just hope I can keep the momentum going.
While on the treadmill today, it felt pretty good. Legs feel stronger for sure. Tomorrow night I have an indoor game so that will be very good cross-training.
Soon as my training gets more involved I will be specific with miles and paces. Until then......just enjoy the ride!

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