Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Body is a crazy thing.

Well today my wife had a friend over for dinner so I had to hurry home and make a decent dinner. We decided on tacos. MISTAKE! I only had 2 small soft tacos but that was enough to throw my stomach in knots. I sat and tried to get my stomach to settle. I finally got up and put my running stuff on made a slow move down to the treadmill and thought 3 miles would suffice considering how I felt. Well I set the pace at 5.5 and took off. Not blazing but I thought "hey get on your feet". Well after 3 miles miles I felt alright so I upped it to 6. BAM! It felt great so I kept going and going and going. I ended up running out of time cause I had to get a few things done. 7 miles and feeling great. I ran without any pain, cramps, tight muscles or aches. When was the last time that happened? I know it was just my body responding to the Jazz game but I'll take it.
After I got off I felt some nice sharp pain in my right knee. Perfect! The body, gotta love it. I am trying to convince myself that my knee is hurting just to remind me that I am truly alive.

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