Sunday, January 20, 2008

Much Needed!

Man, did I need today. I wanted to do 8 miles today, so I did. Still having some problems with my left shin. The first couple miles were very frustrating. After about 2 miles, I decided to walk a little and increase my incline to change my foot strike. Not sure if that's what did the trick but I ran the rest of the day and even though the shin was a little tight, it wasn't hurting enough to stop. The last mile I increased the speed and really pounded it out. 8 miles isn't that impressive considering what distances I need to go but I am trying very hard to play it smart. I did 8 miles in 81:00 minutes. Basically a 10 minute mile. I just keep trying to remind myself that I need to take it slow, build a good base, lose some weight and hopefully near the spring/summer or hell even fall- I have a chance to run through the trails like I've dreamed.
All in all today was a success. Keep moving forward and RUN THROUGH IT!

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