Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Facts of Life.....

No, I am not talking about Tooty or Jo! I decided to take Wednesday day off and on Thursday I had my soccer game. I woke up Friday morning and I could barely move. I thought I slept funny but I must have been wrong. I think I tweaked it at the game. I didn't (couldn't) run on Friday. I woke up and went to my MRI and decided even with my back really stiff, that I needed to run. I only went 5 miles and it seemed to take forever. Anyone that actually reads this needs to throw in some suggestions. I CANT SHAKE MY LEFT SHIN PAIN, maybe a shin splint. The right one is fine. I have no choice but to stop and try and stretch it. I spent a good deal of time today walking fast and the max incline just so I felt like I was actually doing something. The goal tomorrow is to run 8 miles followed by 6 on Monday, 8 on Tuesday and indoor on Wednesday. Not sure about the rest of the week, I am going to Winter Park, Colorado for a few days to spend time with close friends at Lenny Stemmons 40th b-day. I have big plans for the year but the FACTS of Life are bigger. All in all I was actually pleased I did 5 miles today. I was ready to stop a few times but I keep hearing a familiar voice ring through my head saying, "Its all about time on your feet." Thanks for the advice Fast One!

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