Monday, January 14, 2008


Well, I had my Dr. appt. this morning and it went well. The Doc did X-rays and had his Sports Medicine PT look at them and then sent them to SLC for a look over. X-rays show everything looks good. He said "I would go ahead and run and see if you can run through it", I really liked that answer. He said ice and NSAID's. He thought it was a really odd situation. We decided to do an MRI on Saturday just to ease my mind. 2008 is big for ol' number 8 so that's good. He recommended not to increase mileage. Tonight I will get on the treadmill and go for 5 miles- "nice and easy". I am not going to push to much. Sure, I wont do as well as I wanted to in Moab but its a training run and a good chance to see my friends and jump start the year.
So anyone who reads this you know.


FastED said...

Good news all the way around! I was gettin' kind of worried I wasn't gonna see you in Moab. If anything else, did you know they have beer in Moab?

Manners said...

I will be in Moab no matter what!
I AM GOING TO RUN. 2008 is my year.