Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thought of the week.... Patience

This has been a pretty frustrating week. I haven't posted for a couple days for good reason. I haven't run. Plain and simple. I have been going through some ups and downs. Patience is such a key word. I was first taught this by my father. Of course with him it revolved around fishing. I was really young and just couldn't grasp the idea of sitting there staring and the water and my fishing pole. Where the hell are all the fish anyway! Patience is practiced daily all over the world. Unfortunately for me, I have never been real good at it no matter the circumstance. I need results. That is where I am now. I am going through running pains everywhere I can think of. I realize its part of the sport but come on. The biggest pain I am going through is my brain. I cant seem to put everything in the right perspective when it comes to training and running. Maybe I read too much on trail running or too many blogs for the "elite". I see where their at and see where I am at and often wonder..."Whats the point?" I know, I know- this isn't how it works. Everyone does there own thing and you are competing against yourself. Well only if it was that easy. I have been decent at most things I have tried throughout my life except for ultra running and marriage. :) Maybe I just need to not read so much and look at times. Maybe I just need to go out and run, not worrying about mileage. Whatever it is, I hope I can figure it out. I know I enjoy it and I know I really look forward to running know but it just hasn't clicked yet.
The famous words of the Fast One...."Slow and Easy. " Well I definitely have the slow part down!
Here fishy, fishy........

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