Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thought of the week.....Frustration

Well not much of a week. Lots of thoughts though. Pinning it down to one was pretty easy though. This entire week I have had knee pain. I ran on it for a couple days with some decent mileage and it felt great running. So this week I am fearing the worst. I've never really had a "serious" injury. In 1998 I got a slight tear in my left knee's PCL. It wasn't bad enough for surgery but the rehab wasn't fun and I had to wear a big brace for a couple years during physical activity. When that came off I dislocated my right ankle. That felt great. Both times I at least knew it was bad. This time I am not sure what to think. When I go see my Dr. tomorrow I don't think I will get the answer. I have a Ortho appt. a week from this coming Wednesday so hopefully by then. Frustration is where i am stuck. Will I be able to run Moab? Buffalo? Squaw? What? I really am putting a lot into this year. I know you wont see my name at the front of any race or even a place in my age group. I just have bitten by the Ultra bug and it feels so good. i want to pursue it and see where it takes me. Maybe nowhere but anyone who has run a long distance in the mountains takes you places, physically and mentally. I never thought I would run 10 miles at once, never a marathon, never and ultra and sure as hell not 50 miles. Well my friends, I did and so can you! Go to a race, volunteer or support a close friend. Its infectious. I have enjoyed the privilege of watching my good friend Scott Jaime in few ultras- went on training runs with him, helped at aide stations, paced and even been paced by him and let me tell you- its emotional, its exciting, its addicting and most of all its fulfilling. I am frustrated. I am unhappy. Hopefully for just short time. Stayed tuned......

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