Sunday, January 6, 2008

The weather outside is frightful.

Wow! 19" of snow in one day..outrageous. I think shoveling that much snow would be considered cross-training. I got up made breakfast for the family then went out in the snow storm. I shoveled for over an hour and since my muscles were warm I decided to jump on the treadmill. 8 miles and a nice and easy pace felt pretty good. Didn't mess with the incline too much but was facing some serious pain in my left shin again. It seems to be a daily thing. I got done with my run, cleaned around the house then made myself a bean burrito. Looked back outside and what to my wondering eyes would appear but more damn snow.
I keep trying to remember that the Moab Red Hot 50k (33k for me) isn't the goal but a step in the right direction. The mind set for a new runner like myself is hard. I want to do well but considering the competition I need to remember I am there for me.

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