Friday, January 11, 2008

Now What?

Alright, this is getting old or maybe I am getting old. I have had to take the last 2 days off and there is a good chance it will be through the weekend. I have had some issues with my right knee. It is not the same problem I had last year either. This is a very sharp pain that runs on the inside of my right knee. I have played soccer and put on many miles and it seems fine but everyday use doesn't work too well. I have tried to get into an Orthopedic but good luck with that. I have a Dr appt on Monday with my main Dr to see what he can find out. I have a appointment scheduled with 2 different Ortho's. One on Jan. 23rd with Dr. Byck and one on Jan. 29th with Dr Baranko. I will see Dr Byck first and go from there. I am really hoping it is just a simple case of a strain. I have been on every knee website I can find to self diagnose myself but nothing really fits. I really, really hope this isn't serious. I have gottten a great jump on the year and my race schedule looks stellar. I will keep you posted (with my fingers crossed).

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