Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What is "Manjo?"

From Wikipedia
Mojo: (African American culture), a magical charm bag used in hoodoo.
: the sexual charm used by Austin Powers
: (comics)- a supervillian in various Marvel Comics publications
From Merriam-Webster
mojo: probably of African origin; akin to Fulani moco'o medicine man
: a magic spell, hex, or charm; broadly: magical powers- works his mojo on the tennis court

So here is some background on the word mojo
While I was running on Antelope Island for the Buffalo Run, I thought about race strategy and conversations I have had on the trail. I wanted to take chances and see what I could do at the end. "THE END"- well in every race you hear about people "digging down" to get a little more to make it to the finish for a win, a PR or just to be done. I always like to think I can always dig down and find a little somethin- somethin or "mojo".
During Buffalo Run I decided to make "mojo" my own. So I came up with "MANJO".
It will be my (Manners) magical powers or charm. It will be my own bag of hoodoo. Athletes, especially runners have mantra's so MANJO will be part of my mantra. When I need to find a little more I will rely on my "bag" of hoodoo or magical powers- let's face it, it isn't like Austin Powers, I have no sexual charm!

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