Thursday, April 29, 2010

Solid run

Last night I met Joel and Jim at Rainbow Gardens for a nice little trail run. We left Rainbow and went up to the BST. Good pace all the way to the fire road without stopping. If I would have been alone I would have yelled once I hit the top- legs were burning and pumped I didn't break stride. From there we hit the newest section on this side to keep us off the fire road. We had a real nice pace and when we turned around we picked up Tom Remkes and his dogs.
The way back had a pretty wicked little pace and we pushed the climbs and hammered the descents.
Legs felt great and I can feel things starting to click. Achilles is pretty much a non-issue from a performance standpoint. Still have a little bump back there (the Achilles).
Looking forward to a snowy run tonight.

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