Sunday, May 2, 2010

Solid Weekend

Got in 2 quality days on the trail.

(I love our trails!)
Started off Saturday morning with Joel on the BST. We had decided to make our way up Malan's for a little elevation and check out the trail. We hadn't plan to go to far but we saw some tracks in the fresh snow (yep it was snowing on May 1st) along with paw prints so we figured whoever was ahead we had to know. Who is crazy enough to be up that early running in the snow with a dog or 2? As we hit the overlook we saw- Cory, John, Matt and Brett with their dogs. We paused a bit to talk then we all took off down to the trail head. When we hit the BST we ran north back towards Rainbow and dropped Joel off and went out for a few more miles. When I finally split off the group to head back it started to really rain. By the time I hit the car I was soaked but man it felt good! 3 hours on the trail....

(Matt, Cory, Molly, John, Brett and Joel)
Sunday was a little rougher. I got up and boy was my body tired. I sure wasn't feeling like hitting the trail and since I was going solo I had nothing to make me go. I am glad I finally got out the door and I headed over to North Ogden Pass to hit the trail and go north. When I started I knew it would be a short run. My legs were heavy, sore and tired. I guess Saturday took its toll on me. I decided to go to the "2nd gate" which is a little over 2 miles and then head back. When I hit the gate I was still not feeling great but a friend told me -"training on tired legs is good for ya." Well, my legs were tired so I decided to go to the "3rd gate". After some running and a steep, short climb I hit the gate I talked myself to go to the next gate. I really started to feel better and running pretty strong. I charged the hills and did more coasting on the way down. I hot the "4th gate" and was turning around when I thought- "what the hell"- I took off to go a bit more to the next gate. On the way back I really pushed. I felt pretty good and could feel the heaviness in my legs but I was determined to push to the finish. When I got back to the car I looked at my watch and I turned in my fastest time for this section. SAA-WEET!
Man, it felt good to run so strong on tired legs. I am starting to think this is all paying off. I need to hit some long runs coming up to really get time on my feet but I feel more confident now that I ever have.
I am looking forward to a solid week!


Joel said...

Obviously John did not realize it was wear your favorite black top and white hat day, geez!

Shasha said...

YOU ARE one sportish human i ever known ( except ________)