Friday, May 7, 2010

A few days of running

Playing a little catch up here. After the hill repeats on Monday I needed a day off. Tuesday was nice to just relax and do some things around the house and hit my girls soccer game.
Wednesday I met Joel at Rainbow and could tell my legs were still a bit heavy. We made a easy pace up out of Rainbow and took Indian Trail just to the Hidden Valley turn out. Once there, we went back down and took the BST to "look out rock". The pace as a little off the normal due to both of us not having much in the legs. We turned back to Rainbow and I tried to push myself just a little bit. My legs were not responding well and I kept trying to tell myself I would loosen up. No dice!
Before we headed down to Rainbow, a couple young guys came flyin down the trail- BJ and John. First I had met either one of them but they had a real nice pace going. We invited them to join us in the future but not sure if this old man could keep up.
Lots of solid runners here in the Ogden area.
Thursday- I took off work to re-landscape the frontyard. After 8 hours of hauling river rock and mulch, planting trees, bushes and plants and the clean up I was gassed! Decided I wouldn't run since the body was sore and tired. I took a shower about 6:20 and sent Jim a text to see if he was running- Yep, he was. DAMN! I told my wife I was going and she gave me "the look"(she thought I was nuts).
Met Jim at Rainbow and we had a nice run on the north side. Solid pace but not rushed. Legs felt a bit better.
Wednesday= 6-7 miles
Thursday= 6-7 miles
I want to wish my wife GOOD LUCK tomorrow in her first ever race! She will be running the Run with Flock 5k. Have fun Melony! I am very proud of you.

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BJ said...

I like the fact that you made us sound fast. That was nice of you, but it's just Jon you gotta watch for. That bugger will push the pace on ya! It was good to meet you guys, we'll have to hit the trails.