Monday, May 3, 2010

Hill repeats

First off- I never run on Mondays and I hate running up hills.
So today is Monday and I did hill repeats (for the first time).
After good Sat and Sun runs, I always take Monday off. most the time to recover and also it is always a long day at work and I need to spend some family time. Well today was a tough day at work so I thought I would join Joel and Jim for some hill repeats to burn off some stream.
When I showed up at 5:30- Joel was there with Phil Lowry. After some pleasantries, we were off.
We started at 27th St trail head and the route is .54 miles up then back down again. The grade is runnable but for me- not easy. I figured I would do one or 2 then head home. When we got back down to do another, Joel had to leave and Jim showed to join us. Phil also decided to go explore the trails. So Jim and I went out again.
Long story short I did 4 sets. My legs were still cooked from the weekend and I actually felt pretty good about the running. I am going to try and do this at least once a week and add a trip or 2 each time.
Solid workout.

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