Monday, February 14, 2011

Come on man!

Well after a great week (Wasatch 100 lottery) and solid 18 mile run I fell victim to the nasty bug going around. I woke up last Sunday after feeling great about my 18 miler and started feeling sick. Little did I know it would last an entire week! It is now 8 days later and I still feel a bit of it hanging on but definitely feel like I am out of the woods. So with just over 5 days until the Moab Red Hot 55k I feel less than ready. I don't know how losing an entire week will play out but I can tell it hit my confidence. I will most certainly get out on the trails over the next few days to try and get some legs back but I am not sure how much it will help. I guess I just will need to slug it out on the red rocks. The weather looks to be wet and cold too. Perfect!
On a side note and a positive one at that- Saturday the 12th was my 7 year wedding anniversary!!! I did manage to drag my sorry ass out of bed in order to take my wife out and even got some skiing in with her the next day. Happy Anniversary Melony! Thank you for your patience!!!!!


Jon A. said...

That stinks, man. I've had that happen with injury, and it's definitely a big mental blow. I've had luck running normal/big mileage M-W race week, then do an abbreviated taper Thur-Fri, since you already had a mega-taper last week. Just enough to feel like you are getting in some good work, but not killer hard. Good luck this weekend.

Manners said...

Thanks Jon. Great idea and since it is not a big focus race I guess even if I went in a little tired it wouldn't be too bad.
Noticed you ran the Grand Mesa in Colorado last year. Did you like it? I was thinking about heading down.

Jon A. said...

Aric- GM was definitely a first time race, but I was very glad I did it. It's a beautiful, challenging course with good aid stations and RD's who really care. Course markings were an issue, but I know they are focusing on that this year. I would recommend it, though you definitely won't set any PR's.