Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pre- Moab Red Hot 55k

I will be traveling down to Moab tomorrow for the Moab Red Hot 55k on Saturday. I will be going with some mixed emotions. I am very excited to get out of town with the family and see some familiar faces as well....that's the good news. The other side is pretty nervous. I have been building up nicely for a decent run through the red rocks when I got sick a week ago. I lost not only some training and fitness but some confidence as well. I have been able to get out on a couple small trail runs and boy did I not feel the goods. So now I am shifting my mind set for a good "day on my feet". Makes it rough to know I felt good about my training leading in only to get side tracked by a darn bug.  Needless to say this will be my longest run of the year and I am going to try and keep my mind right and not get to "into" it where I end up pushing to hard and suffering for along time. I was looking forward to this race for some time but I may need to go play out my hand and re group for the Buffalo Run 50 next month.
Should be an interesting day to say the least!

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