Thursday, March 26, 2009

More snow? What the.......? (7.2 miles)

I planned on getting a good run in before Buffalo Saturday and knew the weather wasn't going to cooperate. Lucky for me I committed to go with 3 others so I had to be there. When we left Rainbow Gardens it was wet. Slushy snow/rain fell so I threw on my Pearl Izumi Seek WRX trail shoes. Let me tell you, these fellas stood up to the test! As we climbed to get to BST, we noticed the snow getting fluffier and lighter. It was perfect. The mountain was covered with snow all but our nice little single track. It was a beautiful run with lots of stops to take in the views. It was a very inspiring run and it was a day I felt thankful to be able to be up there.

The Achilles seems to be handling the mileage and trail pretty well. We did the out and back of 7.2 miles which seemed to be perfect. I have my first race of the year Saturday, Buffalo Run 25k. I am about as ready as I can be and really look forward to see some familiar faces. The run is just a bonus at this point. A week ago I wasn't even sure I was going to run but now I feel more confident I can finish the race and remain healthy. Good Luck to those of you at Buffalo and I hope to see you all. Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Aric (glad I know how to spell your name now). I didn't put the "manners" together; I recognize the name from blog-world.

Great meeting you and your super family. Your girls are incredibly cute and Pippit (my dog) loved them.

Your wife told me about your wasatch experience and let me tell you, you have more guts than I could ever muster. Forgot to tell you at the race but I ran that morning in my PI's and love them.

Again, real pleasure meeting you and your family.
Take care,