Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Proud Daddy!

Well, it's not everyday you get a first. Not just any first but one that brings tears to your eyes. My family went up to Wolf Mountain over the weekend so my daughters could ski for the first time. It has taken a little time to talk them into it but Saturday night they agreed to go.

We enrolled them in some lessons which ended up being private lessons (bonus). You could see the excitement but it was over shadowed by nervousness for sure. Aspen (my 3 year old) was first. I took her to her instructor-who was amazing, and Aspen needed about 5 or 6 hugs and some kisses and I love yous to get her going.

Next up was Sami (12 year old daughter), I took her to her instructor who was equally amazing and she was off!

As I peaked at them and saw them from the lift, I am not sure I could have been more proud. They were skiing! Lots of emotions filled their old man that's for sure. Melony and I hit the slopes until lunch and went back to collect our kids. They were having a blast. After lunch, they wanted more. Melony and I took turns skiing with them down the hill by the "magic carpet".

When we were about to leave, they both were disappointed and wanted to stay. That's my girls!

A proud day I will never forget!

As for me, the training is very slow and go. Swimming twice a week and trying to start running again. The Achilles isn't healed but it is tolerating under 5 miles. So my Buffalo plans are changing. Every year i have improved my time by 41 minutes, then 24 minutes and this year I will be hoping to run just to be out with friends and family. The year isn't going anywhere to what I planned so we will see whats next.

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