Monday, December 6, 2010

2011 and the big 4-0

So, I am hoping for a little help/inspiration/idea for 2011. I want to do something cool/different for my 40th b-day. The optimal idea would be run the Hardrock 100 but I did not do a qualifier last year so that is my bad and bums me out- big time (not that I would have gotten in or finished).
So that leaves me to find something to commemorate the day. My birthday in July 9th and falls on a Saturday so that could make things easier. I have a few ideas and hoping that if anyone does in fact read this they could throw out some ideas. I would like it running based since that's what I enjoy but it is no way tied down to that.
Well, here are just a few ideas: (please chime in)-
- Do the Zion Traverse
- Go to Hardrock and pace
- Run through the Uinta mtns...i.e Kings Peak, etc
- Find a 100 mile trail race
- Just sleep in (who am I kidding)
- Drink 40 beers
- Run 40 miles somewhere (this is done all the time)
These are a few to get things rolling.


Anonymous said...

Hey bad ass 40....
I would go to hard rock and pace the whole damn thing...........
now that is going big or going home. The older you get the bigger you need to go
andrew dalebout

Manners said...

It crossed my mind but they will not allow pacers for the first 40 miles.
I like that idea though

Brian Beckstead said...

Uintah's! Kings peak is fun but you could do the whole Highline trail in two days. Butterfly to Chepeta= 70 miles and is very comparable to Hardrock. Regardless I say go big or go home!

Manners said...

In 2007, Scott Jaime and myself did the Highline Trail through the Uintas from Leidy to Hayden Pass- 8 passes and 82 miles (cause we got lost a bit) in 43 hours and 58 minutes. If I wouldnt have been there, Scott would have been faster than that. Amazing expience!