Saturday, December 4, 2010

Island Run

Well I got out on the island today- Antelope Island. Once a month there is a training run for the Buffalo Run and today was 13 miles. We ran from the start/finish and did the White Rock loop then after that we went north. This was my first time going north on the island and I loved the trail!!! We were able to see buffalo, huge deer and coyotes. The weather was decent and there was a solid group of about 12 people.
All in all it was a nice 13 mile run with a little soreness. I have been playing some indoor soccer and aggravated the groin. This run was definitely testing it. Won't be playing this week to rest the groin but plan on getting in quite a few more miles for the week.
It felt great to get back out and put in some quality miles with quality people. I am feeling pretty good heading into 2011. Losing some damn weight (finally) and gettting stronger.

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