Monday, December 13, 2010

Nice Saturday stroll

Got out on a great little trail run on Saturday with Jim, Jon, Bj and Forest. Weather was great and the trail was fantastic. Ran the BST north of Rainbow for a round trip total of 11 miles. Bj and Jon set the pace and I just tried to keep up. Major problem going on is a sore groin. I think I tweaked it a few weeks back playing indoor soccer and it just hasn't come around. The first 4-5 miles it wasn't bad but after 7 miles it got tough. Sore and tight! Not sure what to do at this point. I feel good and want to keep my training going so I don't have to start over but not sure how long I need to heal. I definitely don't want this thing to linger. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Legs are feeling strong but the groin is slowing me down.
So I started a new idea for Mondays- Motivation Monday. This is actually more for me than anything. I am STILL struggling with my DNF at the Swancrest 100 way back in July. I really can't shake it and it feels like this added weight on my shoulders- and I really can't afford more added weight. I never thought it would be so challenging mentally to get over it. I am finding it hard not to think about on my runs. I want to use it for motivation but now it appears it is quite the opposite.
Update: my diet and core training is going well. I have lost 15 pounds and feel stronger in the core. This is a good mental boost. I do the cooking and being on a diet my family at times gets short changed on some good chow, the other night y daughter said to me "Dad- we are not on diets." I told her that soon as I lost my winter weight I would change it a bit for them (we are all eating healthy now). She said- " Dad it is barely winter and you are not gaining winter weight," my response- "Honey I am talking about losing my winter weight from 2007 still."

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