Wednesday, March 5, 2008

8 more miles and reflection

Got a decent back to back in today. Did a solid 8 miles and felt great. It actually went by pretty fast. Running is so amazing for clearing your mind or for going through thoughts. I just cant wait to get in the mountains. I imagine my first few runs will be too fast or too aggressive but who cares. I am just looking forward to a exciting year. It seemed like every year I have tweaked things or figured a few things out.
I remember my first real trail race. It was 3 years ago during the Inaugural Buffalo Run. It was a 25k and I was terrified. The race went very poor compared to what I have done since. Everything seem to go wrong. I remember I had a baggie of Heed in my back pocket and before I got to use it, it opened up and went down my leg. Take in mind, it was a powder but combined with sweat and a little water- it makes an awesome paste and it so happens the back of my legs are hairy. (those of you that know me probably know that being sticky is a huge pet peeve of mind) Fun times. I didn't use supplements basically so I cramped a lot after about 10 miles. It was essentially miserable but I remember thinking..."Better to be miserable out here than miserable anywhere else."
So long story short, I have lived and learned and cant think of many things you can do alone that is funner....okay and lasts as long.

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