Monday, April 13, 2009

Back at it

As planned, I got out tonight on what felt like very weak legs. Went from Rainbow and headed north on the BST. Great evening for a run. This may have been the best weather of the year. There were alot of people on the trails, mostly bikers. Pace was slower than normal and just didn't feel it but what do you expect after a lazy week. Wednesday I will get in my last day of skiing for the year even though we still have tons of snow a the resorts. I will still get out Thursday night, Saturday (time depending on Sami's first soccer game of the year) and Sunday.

Before the run tonight I came home to a surprise. SOCKS! Not just any socks but the most comfortable socks around- oh and they look fantastic too! You decide. I even have some for purchase. Why green, why racing stripes...WHY NOT? I have some on right now. They go with absolutely everything and sure to make you faster!

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