Thursday, April 30, 2009

Great run with side effects?

Got up early today and ran with Joel and Cory along the BST north and got in a solid 12-13 miles. Great morning! The spring run off is flowing down all the canyons and the smells and sites are great- not to mention the trail is fabulous! I am changing my work schedule a bit in order to make these morning runs with these guys. They really push me and I hurt but when its done, I feel great!
Now- the real issue! My Achilles is absolutely PIST! It isn't in a good mood at all. It is swollen and SORE! I iced it immediately took some NSAID's and man it is fighting back. What does this mean? I thought I was good to go with minor pain but wow!
Well, Saturday and Sunday will be another back to back long runs if the Achilles can keep me upright. 5 weeks until Squaw and counting. Gotta step it up!

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