Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's April...right?

April 15th- Tax Day. What a better way to celebrate paying our beloved government than SKIING. I gave some money to Uncle Sam to pass on to the unfortunate MULTI BILLION DOLLAR companies that are struggling and threw a little bit toward Earl Holding too. I took off work and played hookie with my wife and we headed up to Snowbasin to what will most likely be the last time I ski for awhile. To our surprise it was AMAZING! The snow was soft and there was fresh powder everywhere. Throw in the fact that there was no one on the mountain and you have yourself a little piece of heaven. Every run was making fresh tracks. There were a couple spots that were deeper than knee powder! There was a slight snowfall and the sun played peak-a-boo most of the day. 2 days ago I was running in the mountains with 65 degree temps and today I was skiing mid-season snow. Here in Utah we take our knocks but we got a good thing going here. Hell- add the recent change to liquor laws and poof, here we go!

I will count today as quad burning cross training and tomorrow I will throw on the trail shoes for some single track. What a week!


Montana Shadows said...

Looks like a good day...a good day for that cheese soup recipe! Also free your heels and free your mind.

Montana Shadows said...

Please insert a comma after the word also in the previous comment. I forgot.