Monday, April 27, 2009

Here we go again...

The weekend has come and gone with me coming up short on the miles I wanted. On top of that, as I sit here and type, my Achilles has some weird pain. Yesterday I got out on a run with Cory Johnson, Joel and John Woj for 123 nice miles at varying paces. The weather held out for our run with only a couple minutes of a snow skiff. I came up 7 miles short of 50 this week so now I need to get it done this week. Only a few weeks until Squaw. My Achilles has a strange pain in it today. I can usually feel tightness and being a little sore but today it feels different. Maybe it was trying to keep up with Cory yesterday of too much lifting and tweaking moving my mom on Saturday. Who knows.
This weeks plan- Tuesday-run, Wednesday -swim, Thursday-run, Saturday run and Sunday-run. Really need to hit at least 50 miles.
Any recommendations for an ice/gel pack for my Achilles? I can't seem to find one anywhere so now I need to go into cyber-world.

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Becka Boom said...

Take an Ibuprofen trip and put a wet towel in the fridge?