Monday, April 13, 2009

Week Review

Well not the week I had originally planned and now I have to pay for it both mentally and physically. I went on a run Wed but it only totalled 9 miles. Saturday I got all my trail work done for the Bear in September which is nice but didn't get out on Easter. So a whopping 9 miles for the week. Physically it sucks but it probably stings more mentally. It's good for me to post on here even when I am naughty because that stings too and really makes not want to be a slacker again. I will get out today in the mountains, a couple days of swimming and 3 more days of running.

I am also starting to put the finishing touches on my race schedule and jotting down my training for a few weeks at a time. Last week is lost and it sucks but this week will be much needed. If it wasn't for my personal life, this running thing would sure be easier!

Who's the rabbit?

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