Friday, May 29, 2009

How sweet it is.

This post has more to do with my daughter Sami than anything else. I am so proud of her! She sometimes is reluctant to try new things are is very timid. She decided last week to try out for soccer all-stars. She gets nervous with soccer because she thinks its "my thing" and says she doesn't want to "embarrass" me. I let her make her own choices on soccer and try to encourage her to do what she wants to do instead of push her along the way. After try-outs she felt she didn't make it. Well- I got a call from the coach and said Sami had indeed made the all-star team! YES! I was so excited to tell her. When I finally let her know, she shrieked and jumped around like a little girl (wait, she is a little girl) I was pretty emotional too. Watching my kids succeed is the ultimate feeling. Congratulations Sami, I am so very proud of you. Looks like there will be a couple races I may miss due to some tournaments but hey- its worth it!

On a side note, I ran with a group and we went up to Ben Lomond Peak. LOTS of snow and lots of throbbing legs. Got up to 9700' and 16 miles. Probably my last climb until Squaw. Epic run being in the clouds and glissading one last time this year.


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Melony said...

After laying in bed all morning sick I felt the urge to want to connect with you. Not wanting to call you as I know its Monday and busy at work, I realized, hey I know, ill go read his blog. I am so glad I did, not only did I get a better insight on your thoughts and feelings over the couple of weeks but I shared your 5/29 post with Sami. It came at a good time as she had a rough morning as well. We were both very touched at your comments and your unwavering support. Thank you! Thank you for being the man that you are and for being an amazing, loving and supportive Husband and Father. I love you Bear.