Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A true give and take relationship.....

While running, I often times have clear thinking (like most). Today was a perfect example. I started to analyze my lifestyle since taking up trail running. As I processed the last 3 years, I came to the conclusion that it is a true "give and take" relationship. You see, the mountain gives it to me on nearly every training run, I mean really gives it to me. Breaks me down, spits me out and yet I come back for more. Why? Well so I can take it back on race day. The more the mountain give me, the more I can take back on race day. Similar to a pay day. You work for say- 2 weeks and after 2 grueling weeks, you get a pay check= your earnings. Well, trail running for ME is no different. Some days you really don't feel like training but you still drag yourself out the door to get it done. The more times you don't get out the door, you are going to suffer more. The more you get out the door, the better "payday" you will have. I believe at times I think too much. I do it in life and I am sure I do it on the trails. I think to myself- how can I go faster, am I training right, do I need more mileage...... Well, maybe I just need to get out and run. Let the mountain "give" it to me. Absorb and take what it will throw at me and come race day, celebrate it, take it back.

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Land Shark (Troy) save run said...

I like what you said here Aric. there are days I struggle, yet just getting out there and letting the trail take over and the mtns control my run I find myself.

I also I find my workout is very productive in a different sorta way, there are days I think we battle the mtn/ourselves and lose and there are days we just run trying to catch up. then there are the run/days were we can let it flow and become one with its power it is when our strength, determination and pure passion takes over and we concure. But then again hard work and lots of sweat during training or our daily lives pays off when we cross the finish line. Ok I don't know if any of that made sense.