Sunday, May 10, 2009

The reason I do this.

Sweeeeeet! Today was it. A great ending to a decent week of training. I met Joel at Rainbow and we drove up to the Wheeler Creek trail head. I have never been up there this early due to snow but we thought we would give it a shot. From the trail head to Art Nord it felt so different. The trees were so bare it seemed really open. We hit Art Nord campground and turned to head up to Maples campground. This part of the trail was tricky. Quite a bit of water and mud and the creeks were raging! The views were incredible up until we almost hit Maples and BAM- Snowbasin was staring at us with the sun hitting the snowy peaks- WOW! Between all the quakies, beaver ponds, snow capped mountains and the smell of the foliage- I couldn't have asked for any more. After Maples we went across to Green Pond via Snowbasin. We ran into a lot of snow at this point. Once across the resort it was a fast pace through Green Pond. The next back to Art Nord was painfully hard. The trail was extremely rutted and difficult to run on. I rolled my ankles at least 5 times and was starting to get a little pissy. Once we hit Art Nord we bombed back down Wheeler to the car. 16 miles but more importantly I cleansed my soul.
For the week I totalled 46 miles. Once again 4 short of my goal but I did get some good running in and over all feel pretty good. The Achilles is still and issue and at times makes me concerned as to what my race season will turn out to be.
On a side note (but more important than my other ramblings) I want to wish my wife and Happy Mothers Day. Without her NONE of this would be possible. I love you!

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