Thursday, May 7, 2009

Well time to start going up

My alarm went off at 3:45 am and I thought it was a cruel joke. I wasn't going fishing, it wasn't race day- nope just another training run. Met Joel, Cory, John Woj and Matt at the Skyline trail head and we headed out in the dark. My first time running with a headlamp since Wasatch. It brought back some good and bad memories. Temps were perfect and the lungs felt great. After a few miles we hit the Indian Trail. I wasn't sure what to think once we got there. I really need to start doing some serious climbing but I was nervous about the Achilles. I just keep replaying what all the Dr.'s told me- "Avoid doing hills". That was months ago but since the Achilles isn't healed (not heeled) I wasn't too sure about what was going to happen. I trotted up a little ways then backed it back down to a power hike. Legs felt tired and seemed to swell right before my eyes. Achilles stayed in check with minor to no discomfort. Huge mental boost! Went up near the half way point turned back and bombed down the hill. Oh ya- I haven't bombed down a hill for awhile either and my quads were screaming. The rest of the way back to the car felt a little sluggish. My legs were pretty tired. They felt like they were going to pop out of the skin. Note to self: better get up the mountains or Windy Pass will make you cry!
All in all, great early morning run before work. Totalled 9 miles. Ready for Saturday and Sunday.

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