Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Like 8

I sure like the number 8. My good luck number. My uniform number during sports I played. A number that never stops, there is no end. A number beer companies should truly consider packing their beer in. (6 just doesn't cut it). And of course the number I ran tonight.
I am still trying to keep things in perspective. I am new, I am green, I am overweight and I am a trail rookie. I ran a solid 8 tonight with no problems. Posted a 8:30 minute mile the entire time. I felt good, I didn't feel like it was too fast or too slow. Tomorrow I will go for 6 and Thursday I will go 8 more take off on Friday and do 2 longer runs this weekend. The hell with nutra system, screw Jared (subway) and who really is Kirsty Alley? The Fast Ones diets kicks all their assess!
I feel better than I have in a long time. A lot is mental I understand that but that is very important. My body feels good. I have more energy and I think any day now the construction workers by our work will let out a whistle. I bought my first size large shirt in a while.
Life is good and 8 is great!

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