Thursday, February 28, 2008

Still chuggin along

I missed my work out yesterday due to being trumped by family. I was super ready to go but hey, things come up. Anyway, I got back on the horse today to resume my schedule. I ran a hard 6 and will follow up with 8 tomorrow. I need to get more back to backs and some longer runs now. I feel like my legs and lungs have been responding well. The diet is still working out great and just by seeing some minimal progress has really fueled the fire that much more. Today I ran a 8:30 minute pace which is good for me. I hope to increase mileage just a bit and keep the pace. I also want to incorporate some runs with a good incline. Then I will see about pushing a few runs at a faster pace but maybe no more than 6 or so miles. By the time the Buffalo Run rolls around i want to make sure I am going in with a lot of confidence. After the race I will probably venture out for some longer runs. On March 8th, they are doing one more training run on Antelope Island and I hope to be part of that depending on Sami's soccer game.
All and all things are moving along.

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