Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Let's try it again.

Alright, its getting old. I had a rough day of running yesterday so today was redemption. Well, it didn't work out quite like I was hoping. I ran a solid 6 miles but ti truly was a struggle. I never felt comfortable and I seemed to have to push for every step. Maybe my body is still recovering. Part of the problem is after leaving dirt trails, the treadmill and all this snow isn't what the doctor ordered. The good news is my diet is working and improving everyday. I am getting a little more used to it and after feeling strong at Moab I know now just where I am going and why. I am still trying to stay focused and keep things in perspective. I think I will take a couple days off and hit it on Saturday. Stay tuned....

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FastED said...

I know it's discouraging not having the energy to run but I promise your body will adjust. Give it about 3 more weeks and you'll feel the best you ever have!

Remember, the day before a long run eat the same kind of food but more of it and throw in bread and pasta.