Sunday, February 24, 2008

Only if.....

Only if all runs felt so good. I did take a few days off and planned on running Saturday but my wife has different plans. We have large wall over our stairs that should have been painted ummmmmmm 6 months ago. Well we basically took Saturday to do it. It looks great and my wife is happy so I ran today. Its been a few days and the last couple runs have been a bit discouraging to say the least. I am getting a handle on my caloric intake so I think that has helped. I have been consuming too few calories and I think my body was telling me something. Its great to see light at the end of the tunnel but sometimes, that light is dim.
I did a solid 8 miles and just felt great. I ran the first 5 at a 8:30 pace which is by far a personal best then at mile 5 I cranked up the incline to 10 and ran a sub 12 minute mile, this hurt a bit. After 1 mile of that I finished the last 2 at about an 8 minute pace. I was trying to simulate the Buffalo run a little. Before the run I took a small bottle of "5 hour energy" to try. I cant say if I had a huge boost but it was definitely there. Today was a success and if I can manage my diet and my runs I think I am on my way. I am definitely struggling to maintain that positive attitude I need but this is all so new.
On the flip side, tomorrow we are buying a trailer. Its a Starcraft 17 foot hybrid. We have looked for almost a year and last night found the perfect one. Tomorrow we got to the bank for the exchange and then I enter a new world.
Tomorrow I will do another run and go from there.
I really need to thank my good friend Scott Jaime for spending so much time with me and helping me every step of teh way. Its nice to have so much support from family and friends. I believe Scott falls under both those catergories.

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FastED said...

I like the picture! Friends just pal'ing around on the trail!

Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it. You know all the Jaimes' consider you friend and family.