Sunday, February 3, 2008


The first real post/thought of the week, since the news of the Wasatch 100 will focus on something at times I focus too much on. Its easy to tell someone to "Get over it", "But you did", or the best "It's okay". Well if it were only that easy. You can feel regret in so many avenues.
Well, I truly have been focused on not having regrets. Since last summer I have made a conscious effort to "Just do it". It may not be possbile but you can make a dent. We all probably have regrets. Some big, some small, some legit, others not. Whatever it may be, we have them. The one I will probably never shake is the regret with my dad. Its been 3 years and still, no closure. Maybe it will go away and maybe it wont. One thing is for sure is that it has taught me a huge lesson. (unfortunately it took my dads death to wake me up)
Going in to the new year and the news of getting into Wasatch, regret will be a focal point. I want to do this. I want Wasatch. Too many reasons to list but they are there. I know what I need to do. I know I am not a elite runner or even a middle of the pack runner but I will finish. It may not be pretty but hey, neither am I. I have 36 hours but I have 7-8 months to put into those hours. It will be difficult to get to where I need to be but I have the best support a person could ask for. It's up to me. I want and need to face this head on with confidence. Improper training will not do it justice. So the journey begins. Do I have regrets come September? Do I have excuses?

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FastED said...

well said! It's all summed up in one line, "it's up to me" You have all the support needed for this race.

I know you think of your dad every day but in addition let him be the inspiration on a daily basis to get you out the door. Do this one for him! Believe me, he'll be there!