Monday, February 4, 2008

A nice 5 miles

Well tonight I decided to do 5 miles. My knee is getting a little worse so I wanted to get on and take it easy but still get a workout in. Surprisingly it felt great. The first couple miles the knee felt weak but after that it went smooth. Again, only 5 miles but it was probably the easiest 5 miles I have done. It wasn't blistering but I did 5 in 46 minutes so I will take that. I want to make sure I build a good base and take it slow. My goal is in Septemeber and that means I do have a little time. Changing my lifestyle will be more difficult than running. A good diet, which I am working on and will take advice, will be hard. Food is good and my belly can prove it. I received an email from a friend today and he said "I want you to give it your honest best shot." Well, that is what I plan to do. My family is completely on board and can see that this means alot to me. I may take tomorrow off if the knee isn't better though. I dont want to be making up ground all year.

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